SC VFAF Veterans for Trump building an army for 45.

1-8-24 Chad Caton and Teddy Daniels spoke in South Carolina Monday representing VFAF and the Trump campaign. Senior Trump campaign officials also attended. – Nikki Haley does not stand a chance in her home state. Time for Haley to drop out and support 45

Major General James Livingston USMC Medal of Honor Recipient and Major General Bob Livingston Army film for forthcoming VFAF Trump Documentary

12-13-23 Generals James Livingston and Bob Livingston filmed for the forthcoming VFAF “Trump” documentary in South Carolina. The two generals were filmed by VFAF SC State Chapter President Teddy Daniels and VFAF National Operations Director Chad Caton. Admiral Charles Kubic is scheduled to film this week as well. The Films executive producers are Donna and […]

Vets can sign up to make calls for Trump campaign

12-2-23 Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump has leadership assigned to the SC Trump campaign. At this time SC Veterans are invited to join the forthcoming Team Trump SC collation. Veterans for across the nation are also invited to make calls for the campaign to SC Veterans. To answer the call of duty […]

National Media covers SC VFAF State Chapter Launch

11-27-23 PRESS LINK : Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump has launched a South Carolina state chapter said Stan Fitzgerald President Teddy Daniels, Chad Caton and Robert Cornicelli are American Hero’s that will get the job done for Saving America”— Stan Fitzgerald VFAF Veterans for Trump grassroots President MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA, […]

SC VFAF State Chapter officially endorses Donald J Trump for 47th president.

11-26-23 Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump has , on day one of our launch , officially endorsed Donald J Trump for 47th president. “President Trump is the only one who can reverse the path this country is on under the radical left. President Trump is the true commander and chief who we […]

Veterans for America First Expands with South Carolina Chapter: Teddy Daniels Takes Helm in Building Team Trump Coalition

11-25-23 Veterans for America First, also known as Veterans for Trump, is actively expanding its presence by establishing state chapters for enhanced on-the-ground mobilization. The South Carolina chapter, set to launch this week, will be led by Teddy Daniels as President, supported by Vice President Robert Cornicelli and Director of Operations Chad Caton. It’s important […]

South Carolina Veterans for America First