Chad Caton of South Carolina named National VFAF Veterans for Trump director of operations


Chad Caton grew up on a farm in a small town in Jacksonville, Illinois. While growing up he was taught hard work, patriotism, and love of community. 

After graduating high school Chad had bigger aspirations outside of the small-town farm life and wanted to travel the world. The easiest way for him to do that was to join the United States Navy. After completing boot camp and A school Chad earned his ranks as a Navy Seabee.  Chad was shipped out to Port Hueneme, California to join his battalion, NMCB5, “The Professionals.”  Chad had two deployments. On his second deployment Chad experienced a serious back injury and it was likely that he would have to leave his rate as a Seabee.  Chad made the difficult decision to remain active in the Seabee Reserves while rehabilitating in California.

After the Navy, Chad started a heavy equipment company called Iron horse Excavation in Ventura, Ca. Then the 2010 housing bubble burst and Chad and his business partner got out before they suffered a financial loss. 

After dissolving his heavy equipment company, Chad decided to move closer to family in Myrtle Beach, Sc. With limited job opportunities in the area Chad fell back on what he knew best, to serve his community. Chad became an EMT/Firefighter. After 6 Years of service, he suffered a terrible injury on the job breaking his neck and shoulder. 

The county Chad worked in had a 180-day policy after an injury. Chad asked for an extension which was recommended by his physician. Chad met with the county chairman, asked for the extension and the chairman responded “tough!” A few weeks later, on Christmas Eve, Chad received a termination letter.  

Chad was frustrated with unreasonable policies so he thrusted himself into local and state politics. Chad decided to do a podcast, “I’m Fired Up,” that exposed the Uniparty and good ole boys! Through his hard-hitting podcast Chad became a voice for many people in his community and fire department.  Chads voice grew and was offered a spot on a local radio station. This ended abruptly when he attended the Stop the Steal Rally in support of Donald Trump on January 6th.  From there, Chad went to The Freedom First Network, BrighteonTV and Red Voice Media.

Today Chad’s main focus is to educate, motivate and activate as many people as possible to re-elect Donald J. Trump and many America First Candidates across the country. 


South Carolina Veterans for America First